APPI is based in the Philippines and was incorporated in 1992 with a mission to contribute to the sustainable development of the tourism industry in the Asia Pacific Region by focusing on development that:

  • delivers profitable tourist enterprises;
  • contributes to poverty alleviation and the creation of social wealth; and
  • is sensitive to, and respects the socio-cultural, economic, and natural environment.

Projects successfully completed have taken our experts all over the Asia-Pacific region: to the glaciers of the Himalayas; the stone forests of Yunnan; the mysterious Mekong River region; and the Tiger forests of Far East Russia and Uttarakhand in India.

The Range of Experience

APPI is built upon a core of very senior and highly respected international professionals in the area of tourism development management, marketing, economics, and human resources development. Its principals have over 75 years of experience in undertaking tourism related assignments throughout the region, giving the firm a rich base of experience, knowledge, and a wide industry network.

The Mission

APPI's range of experiences works hand-in-hand with a specific mission: to promote tourism development that is environmentally, socially, and culturally sustainable. The firm's experts make sure the components of any big Master Plan or small stand-alone development contributes to poverty reduction and the creation of social wealth, in that the poorest fishermen, farmers, or village women are able to benefit from tourist improvement and developments, either from the social infrastructures built; direct and indirect employment created; or through livelihood projects.