Market Research

In the market-based economies of Asia and the Pacific Region, understanding the requirements of the tourism market is crucial to the success of any plan, strategy, tourism project, or destination marketing plan. Tourism market studies are often undertaken as stand-alone projects as inputs to the formulation of strategic, development, and marketing plans of destinations as well as tourism organizations. We conduct in-depth market research studies providing extensive knowledge on key tourism markets – character profiles, emerging trends, and travel preferences – situated in global, regional, national, and local contexts.

In the region, APPI was commissioned to study the potential markets and growth opportunities for tourism to South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Lao PDR from various source markets in East and Southeast Asia and Australia. In these studies, APPI conducted surveys of travel agents, tour operators and other key informants in the markets. Based on the surveys, APPI identified and analyzed the marketing and tourism development opportunities for each country. These studies were subsequently incorporated into broader tourism development plans of the aforementioned countries.